After the Party (open)

Who: All members.
What: Claude relaxin' after the party
When: right after the party
Where: Room 116 at least to start
Rating/Notes: PG-13...maybe R if it comes to it.
Warnings: Nudity, I suppose but there are no pics bein' posted

Once the party is over, I make me way back to room 116, which is mine.  I'm tired but it's a good sort o' tired.  Met some really interestin' folks tonight. I'm not sure of the time, but I reckon I'll have a good long shower before I crash.  While I can do without one, I do enjoy a decent one when I can.  When you've had to live on the run and on the fringes as much as I have, you learn to appreciate the simple things when you can get 'em.  As shower, clean boxers, clean sheets are better than a holiday at a resort.  And this flat is like a resort at that, even has a hot tub, which I plan to soak in later, after I've slept a bit.  I towel me 'air off after me shower and grab a clean set o boxers.  I don't bother with jimjams, never was keen on those, plus I'm the only one in this flat right now, so why shouldn't I sleep in me boxers?
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Scars Don't Heal - tag vampire_peter

It’d been a week since I woke up in the infirmary, healed from my close encounter of the tentacle kind. My body was still stiff and sore, and that worried me. The injection of regen blood should have healed me completely. It didn’t make sense for me to be in pain. I as popping painkillers just to make it to the clinic to work every morning, and by the time I crawled into bed at night, I wanted to die.

Peter was hovering, doing his best to make sure that I was all right. He knew that I was lying when I said that I was. We’d gotten closer. We’re definitely friends, and I can understand why the others that wear my face care about him. One thing I know for certain is that I’m safe. Peter won’t let anything near me. He’s like my personal guard dog, and I don’t mind at all.

“Hi,” I said when I came home, and I dropped down onto the sofa. I’d spent the day running tests on myself, using some of the alien tech to scan my body from head to toe. I had to know why I wasn’t healed, and the results weren’t good. There was damage that the regen blood hadn’t healed. It was to my nervous system, and it was getting worse. There was a shadow in my brain, a spider web of damaged neurons that was pretty much a death sentence. It wasn’t the kind of damage that a surgeon could fix. I was fucked.

“I was going to bring home Chinese, but I never got to leave.” I’d been too tired when the day was over to do it, and part of me was afraid of leaving the Company complex after what happened last time.

Waking up is hard to do - tag Vampire Peter


The pain was blinding. I slipped in and out of consciousness as my body knitted together. The skin was first, sealing the tears and rips that the alien caused when it tore its way out of my body. My meat sack had to be complete before the muscle and bones could fill it. But the nerves that were misfiring in make it feel like I’ve been thrown onto a bed of hot coals and broken glass. I want to scream, but that thing destroyed my throat and jaw on its way out. I can’t see a thing, but I can hear them fighting it. Then it all goes black.

When I come to I’m in a bed in the infirmary with an IV sticking out of the back of my hand. I flexed my fingers, and saw them all move the way that I wanted them too. It’s quiet until the last time I was here, and I’m in a normal room. There’s no quarantine airlock keeping me in. My toes seem to work as well, and so does my bladder. I need to pee badly, and I’m not about to ring for a medic to come and help me. I pulled the IV out carefully, shutting off its flow with telekinesis and made my way to the bathroom like an eighty year old man.

I didn’t call for help to take a shower either, but I was less than happy with my clothing choices. I did not want to walk around with my ass hanging out of a standard issue gown. Shame they didn’t think to leave me any clean scrubs, and I knew that I’d be seen if I tried to make it to my office.

“Son of a bitch.” I climbed back into the bed and grabbed the phone, calling my apartment. Hopefully Peter would be there, and he could bring me some clothes. If not I’d have to talk to one of the others or Mohinder, and I didn’t want to do that. “Peter, it’s Gabriel. I need you to bring me some clothes and a Hersey Bar.”
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Side Glance

VMomo's Excellent Adventure - Tag: ellectricbitch xxxnikki4u

Although Mohinder had been working on the main teleporter for weeks now, it was still not fixed. As was witnessed, it could not only pull people from other dimensions and timelines into the base, it could also accidentally pull them into random parts of the city. After that last mishap, the machine was modified to give an alert with the general location of where the new visitor arrived in the nearby area. Tonight that upgrade would be tested and a couple of agents would be sent out to investigate…

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Acting Class 101

Who: All members.
What: Joey's first day of acting class
When: A day or two after his introduction.
Where: A classroom within the compound.
Rating/Notes: PG-13...maybe R if it comes to it.
Warnings: None as of yet. Mostly it'll probably be a little silly.

Joey was very nervous with starting his first class. Sure, he's done this before, but this was more serious. He'd be risking people's lives this time.

He sat alone at his desk going over notes. Most of which were scribblings and occasional doodles. Some of which were of an adult nature. Thankfully these were for his eyes only. He didn't need to show his fellow agents/students his notes. He tried to make them look less adult, but it just didn't work. He shrugged as he waited for his students.

He smiled as the agents filed in. Once they were all seated, he stood up and wrote "Mr. Tribbiani" on the dry-erase board.

"Hey...I am Joey...or Mr. Tribbiani to you." He said, pointing to his name. "Peter asked me here to help you better on the field. Acting techniques and what not." He nodded. He wasn't too sure of himself right now, but he felt like he knew what he was doing on some level.

"Anywho...uh, I think the first lesson you should learn is what I call 'smell the fart' acting. It's great for when you forget what you're going to say next. See, when you're acting on a show, like...Days of Our Lives..." He said, a big grin on his face. "You're given a lot of lines and it's hard to remember them all. So you take a pause and act like you smell something a fart." He chuckled. "See watch..." He said as he paused and acted like he smelled something. "See? You just talk like you normally would...pause...smell the fart...and continue your thought as it comes to you."

Joey licked his lips a little as he looked around. "Anyone wanna perform this technique? Or do you have any of your own techniques, or questions? We probably have enough time for all of that."
Dr. Gray Tie

You people are USELESS!!!

Who: The former Dr. Gabriel Gray
What: The alien is changing me
When: Right after the escape from the lab.
Where: On an abandoned sub-level
Rating/Notes: I do not want to turn into THIS.

It was too cold. The humans kept their facility too cold. My host was fighting my control. Each time I tried to move its body it fought my efforts. But it was growing tired of fighting me. He was losing hope and the ability to resist me. Soon he would join and be happy. Then we would begin to infect the others here. It was my good fortune that my host and the other arrived when I was ready to spawn.

My hands. I couldn’t control my hands or my feet. I was scared, and I was angry. They weren’t helping me. They hadn’t done a fucking thing to save me. Now it was too late. It was eating me alive. My mind was turning into a cage, and there wasn’t a thing that I could do about it.

We found a sub level that was deserted. I could hear no other heartbeats in the area. My host’s breathing was labored. He would go through the final metamorphosis soon. We needed darkness for that. We pried open a door using an ability that my host had. That was interesting. The last host had no power such as this. Once inside we locked the door, and then we climbed up the walls where were spewed mucous and filaments to block the air ducts that would allow the retched cold into our nest.
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Didn't they warn you about that in 'working for the company 101?'

Who: Adam Monroe (adam_monroerb), Future Hiro (jadedtimetravlr), and eventually (revvedupfem)
What: The way the meeting really went. AKA- mostly a meeting type thing, you know the whole, I'm so and so, who are you? want to destroy the world together? Sure! Will be a blast!... Ok not really about the destroy the world together thing.
When: During the PARTY
Where: The party hall, etc...
Rating/Notes: PG-ish (No violence, or anything. Surprisingly enough) Erm normally rude Hiro, and normally charming Adam. Had to make it a narration (almost a fan fic), since all of these characters are mine.
Warnings: Kind of long-ish.

What was the point of this party again? Oh yes, to meet all the new agents. How wonderful..... Not really. Adam was not amused by this, but figured might as well see what the big fuzz was about. The truth was, he was still searching for a way out of this company. He needed to find a way to oppose all these idiots some way or the other, but it wasn't going to be that easy, obviously. Instead of letting that worry him, tonight, he let his guard down a little and stepped right into the party hall. Well, wasn't this amusing? He looked around and saw a few familiar faces, and some faces he thought he had gotten over seeing. Hiro.... The little bastard was here with that little bodyguard of his, and..... When his eyes scanned the same area he saw..... HIRO again? WHAT?

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The Welcome New Agents Party! (Tony could make anything into a party!)

Tony was both happy and amazed at all the new, sexy agents joining The Company. It was like a buffet for him! Although among those, a certain shockingly cute blonde had caught his eye when she electrocuted some of her fellow agents. That was the most adorable thing he'd ever seen a woman do! He'd make sure to ask her to dance before the night was over... and maybe they could cause a little trouble while they were at it.

But anyway, back to the party! There was every kind of alcoholic drink one could think of, and Tony knew how to make all the famous mixed drinks as well. And yes, half the food and punch was spiked. There were many different flavors of cake and pie on the tables from chocolate truffle cake to apple pie. He had went through each agent's file to find out their favorite kinds so there was something for everyone. There were all kinds of punches mixed up as well, from green punch to some sort of chai flavored punch. There were cocktail shrimp, chocolate truffles, and almost every kind of sushi one could think of spread out beautifully on one of the tables also. Tony had thought of everything. If it was in their file as being of of their favorite foods or drinks, it was on one of the tables out there.

The sound system was state of the art and Tony had every single song one could think of ready to be played, well, except for most all country (There was some Shania Twain but he'd never admit those were his). But he figured no one would like country except for maybe Agent K, which is why he made sure to have all the Elvis songs ready to make up for that. He planned to play songs by request. So all agents needed to do was ask and he'd put their song in the queue. There was even a karaoke machine if things got desperate.

((Tag in with your character's entrance into the party and mingle it up! Feel free to have them eat, drink, dance, get drunk and cause chaos, or even dare to try out karaoke! This is the time for everyone to get acquainted, whether it be a full dance number or just a quiet conversation at one of the tables or the bar. Have fun!))
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But I don't wanna be an Alien

Who: Dr. Gray, vampire_peter, the other Peters. Open to others with request on the OOC post.
What: My utter humiliation
When: After being infected
Where: The Company Clinic
Rating/Notes: There will be a lot of swearing and bitching and raging. Dr. G is not happy.

“I want to see the results of my cat scan,” I told Nurse Bonjour. The buxom blonde smiled at me and let out a small sigh. She opened her mouth to argue with me, but I didn’t want to hear it. “Look, I’m the only goddamn doctor that works in this facility. So until the MiB send in someone to help out, I’m forced to be poked and prodded by Tweedle Peter and Tweedle Petrelli – a hospice nurse and a paramedic – when I’m the neurologist, understand?”

“Dr. Gray,” she sighed again. “I’ll do my best, but you really should rest. What if the transformation happens faster when you're agitated?”

“Then it’d be a good idea to do what I want!” I glared at her and shuffled over to the bed. After I hopped back up on it, annoyed at the draft hitting my very naked ass, I waved a hand at the hermetically sealed doorway. “Well go. It’s not as if I can go out there myself. I’d love to use my tablet to read go over my tests, but K is afraid that the thing curling around my brain will use me to hack our databases.”

“I know Dr. Gray,” she said over her shoulder giving me a view of her very sweet backside. “I’ll see what I can do.”

“Good, and bring me some tea!” I huffed and folded my arms across my chest. My reflection caught my attention, and with a wave of my hand and some telekinesis, I sent the mirror flying across the room where it shattered. I did not want to see my normally dark eyes glowing green.
Dangerous agent

Stage 2 Emergency - OPEN

Who: Agent K, Dr. Gray, Vampire Peter and y'all
What: Stopping the alien menace
When: After Dr. G and fangyPeter get into trouble.
Where: Basement lair of the Ebil Tentacle Alien
Rating/Notes: Rated C for Crack

Was on my way into the Company when I got the emergency flash cross the back of my Raybans. The ID listed the agent in trouble as Dr. Gabriel Gray. He’s one of the clones they got working in this division, and I ain’t got a clue why he’s out in the field when he’s supposed to be in charge of the clinic. Might need to have a little talk with Agent P about what’s going on with his people, but first things first. We gotta doctor to save.

“Excuse me!” I shouted as the door closed behind me. I pulled off my sunglasses and looked at the various agents there to greet me. “We got a Stage 2 emergency. Y’all get your guns or whatever it is you use, and get your butts in gear, gentlemen. Your Dr. Gray has got himself in a heap of trouble. Course there might be no emergency at all in case your doctor butt dialed the emergency beacon, in which case we’ll have more trainin’ to discuss.”

I didn’t wait for them to say a thing. Instead I turned on my heels and headed back out to my car. I unlocked it and glanced over the roof at one of the agents. “Y’all wanna ride shot gun, that’s fine, but no touchin’ my radio. I like to listen to Elvis when I’m fixin’ to save the universe.”